MIDNIGHT SIDE is a collective based on the need to promote efforts out of particular trends, with ideas, projects and productions referable to a shared principle of preciousness and quality. This line-up focuses on involvement of people who care about these interests and, ready to receive new entries, will share the activities with a motley public, keeping the free expression of his members as the main objective.

lunedì 7 aprile 2014

Kéo Sapha: 'Vague D'Amour' (113)

After several remixes, one of our closest member has finally decided to delight us all releasing a stunning four tracks EP. 'Vague d'Amour' is the name of this incredibly refined work by the french talented producer Kéo Sapha, a gathering of funk and soul music influenced tracks, for different approaches to house style through gospel samples ('Immigrés'), highly vibrating basslines ('Amouresement') or heavy pounding drums ('Pineapple'). The result is a fresh and sweet release to enjoy during the next sunny months before Summer. Download this precious music as usual for free.

Kéo Sapha - Immigrés (official video)

mercoledì 26 marzo 2014

J Sweet: 'Dance For Give' (206)

This new single from our MSR 2_ serie is what you need to go back to the dancefloor. Julian DJ aka J Sweet, from France, is a true master in making people dance as his soulful tune proves, with a great mellow sample turned into a jazzy moving track. A different style then for remixes by Brassfoot and Albacore, which extends the vibes thanks to several fxs such as reverbs and filters, lower and higher bpm. Now, all you have to do is download the entire release for free, choosing your favourite mix and playing this right music for the party.